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Teambuilding and Recreation Programs

Program Options

Teambuilding/Relationship Development Programs: Our team building exercises promote problem-solving skills by working toward a shared goal. Most of our teambuilding programs utilize ground based initiatives and problem solving activities which require groups to work together in many different ways.  These programs are customized specifically to your team and group goals. Your target can vary and include multiple goals; e.g. collaboration, leadership, trust, bonding and communication.  These programs are typically 4 or more hours in length.

Recreational Programs: Our recreational programs are designed simply for fun and interaction. They are great for groups looking for opportunities to relax and participate in team building activities in a setting away from the workplace.  These programs are typically 2 hours in length. 

Group Team Building Pricing at Rawhide Ranch 

Please contact us for information on programs and pricing:  Call 812-988-0085 or 888-94-RANCH