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History of the Rawhide Ranch

Owners Dan "Hoss" Cartwright - land developer, and David Stirsman - attorney, have accomplished what they set out to do...the fulfillment of a dream. Being longtime friends and business partners with common interests, "Hoss" and "Stirs" have traveled throughout the USA visiting dude ranches, experiencing cross country horseback trail rides, and enjoying the excitement of reliving the life of the Old West. Wishing to share the "city slicker" experience, they purchased the Rawhide Ranch facility in September of 2001, and followed their dreams to Brown County, Indiana. At the time of acquisition the previous owner had invested a considerable amount of resources to develop the physical structures known as the Ranch House, Buck Inn and a rental cabin (which is now the office). The following is the timeline of events for the ranch over the years of ownership.


·         Jennifer Cartwright (now Peddycord) manages ranch.

·         Waste water system installed

·         Finished Buck Inn rooms and started renting them out



·         Riding arena built by drive

·         Round pen built it front of Buck Inn


·         Old cabin converted into office and ranch staff residence

·         New trails built and old trails extended

·         Jeff Snyder hired for wrangler position



·         Major capital improvement projects to rooms, common areas, drive and parking lots

·         New asphalt drive

·         New roof on Ranch House

·         Derek Clifford hired as Ranch Manger

·         Old hot tub removal


·         Exterior barn partially resided and fresh coat of paint

·         Decks restained



·         Interior of Buck Inn and Ranch House repair and remodel

·         New furniture and color scheme


·         New AC and furnace in Ranch House

·         New hot water system in Buck Inn


·         Interior of banquet barn renovated for large group business

·         Fire alarm system installed throughout the entire building

·         Holler Hoppin’ Zip Lines established owned by Team Effect Inc.


·         Holler Hoppin’ constructed and completed

·         Fresh coat of paint on Buck Inn rooms

·         Hot water heater replaced in Ranch House


·         Dusty McDaniel hired as full time wrangler

·         Retaining walls installed in front of Ranch House

·         Rebuilt round pen

·         Retaining walls installed around round pen

·         Fire pit by Buck Inn rebuilt

·         Brouse House (named after good friend Carnie Brouse) built.

·         Zip line course expanded


·         Restrooms installed in Buck Inn Banquet Barn

·         Cowboy Lounge created

·         Zip line stall created

·         Paved walkway, landscaping, and paved floor installed on East side of Buck Inn

·         Kisha Henderson hired to run ranch office and PT trail guide

·         Sean Anderson hired as FT maintenance man

·         Drew Handley hired as FT wrangler

·         Gil Hartness hired as PT wrangler


·         Kitchen and Banded Rooster were built

·         Landscape and patio redesigned to better suit kitchen and dining area

·         Large grill purchased

·         Kim and Frank Jones hired to run the Banded Rooster

·         Rex and Rachel Runion hired as PT wranglers


·         Rex became head wrangler and Rachel was hired as a FT wrangler

·         Silas and Rachel Jones took over for Frank Jones in the kitchen

·         Ranch purchased Holler Hoppin’ from Team Effect Inc.

·         Derek and Sara moved off the ranch into their new home

·         Wood floors installed in Ranch House


·         Rachel takes over ranch office position

·         Paula Bell (previous Team Effect employee) moved into staff quarters and became FT zipline manager

·         Amy Nevins and Beth Moore were hired to help with housekeeping and transitioned into PT wranglers


·         Nathan Scott hired as cookie and jack of all trades

·         Stalls removed from inside barn to create a stage for concerts and weddings

·         Dude String Saloon established inside barn, bars built, and license obtained

·         Rachel takes over Assistant Manager position


·         New HVAC system and roof for Buck Inn

·         Entire Buck Inn interior repainted

·         Contracted housekeeping for occasional help


·         Ranch House bathrooms renovated and upgraded

·         Removed horses from property in the Winter / discontinued trail rides

·         Removed tipis from lodging potential

·         Rex became Facilities Manager

·         Derek moves to Owner only status

·         Rachel becomes Ranch Manager