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Wedding Coordination

Don't let the ranch title fool you -- we're wedding planning perfectionists.


We are flexible, and can help you in making special arrangements.  Rawhide Ranch benefits from access to the business suppliers of Brown County along with two other larger communities (Columbus and Bloomington) to help us fulfill almost any guest’s request. 



We do require all events to utilize our catering services, but based on past experience…we know you will be pleased with our offerings and pricing. 

The Buck Inn Barn is our banquet hall and an excellent location for a dance. Rawhide Ranch can provide you with a live band, D.J., square dance caller, line dance instructor, karaoke or a singing cowboy by the campfire.


Event Planning: 
The staff at Rawhide Ranch has become very experienced in event planning over the years and is more than happy to help an individual or group put their next event together. 
Wedding planning: The ranch has its own personal wedding planner and is more than happy to offer her services to you.


There are several rental companies that we work with in the Brown County area. If someone rents it, we can find it; including tables, chairs, linens, tents and more.


Professional Decorators: 
Rawhide Ranch works with a local decorator who will help make your event become the ideal setting that you envision. 


We encourage you to contact us for our wedding packet which will answer many of your initial questions about ranch weddings. For more information on choosing Rawhide Ranch USA as your wedding venue, please e-mail our wedding coordinator,